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The certificate in Museum Studies will enable students to apply the knowledge gained from their disciplinary studies and learn skills in the museum field. The program was created after a study of museum programs throughout the United States, and it conforms to guidelines set forth by the American Association of Museums. It will offer specific theoretical, practical, and methodological training in the following areas: museum management, curatorship, fundraising, fiscal administration, collections maintenance and management, education and interpretation, marketing, exhibition development, the law and museums, and museum standards. An internship will be required so that students will gain experience working in a museum. Career counseling will provide the means for finding a position in a museum after graduation.


For a certificate in Museum Studies, each Classical Archaeology or Classics student must fulfill departmental requirements for their graduate degree plus take additional Museum Studies courses, complete a museum internship, and submit a qualifying paper or project. The entire process should add an additional year to the graduate degree program, but the amount of time it takes to receive the certificate will vary on a case by case basis. Some Museum Studies requirements may be fulfilled concurrently with graduate degree requirements.

The Program for Classics Master's Degree Students

In order to obtain a certificate in Museum Studies, MA students must add the following to the required 32 hours in Classical Archaeology or the required 31-33 hours in Classics. Students who have fulfilled their fieldwork without receiving credit may apply up to 3 hours of the Museum Studies certificate program towards the MA in Classical Archaeology. With permission of the graduate advisor, students may apply up to 3 hours of the Museum Studies certificate program towards the MA in Classical Civilization.

  1. Two Museum Studies Courses - 7 credit hours
    1. HIS 6934. Museum Studies and Practice (4 hrs)
    2. ARH 5838. The Museum Object
  2. Two Museum Studies Electives - 6 credit hours.

    See the current list of approved electives at

  3. Museum internship - 6 credit hours in CLA 5942r

    The internship will consist of at least 300 hours working in a museum, that is, 20 hours per week for one semester or equivalent. Internship locations and schedules vary. Consult Professor Pullen for an approved internship.

  4. Qualifying paper or project.

    The paper or project may be related to the student's MA thesis, or internship, or one of the museum studies courses.

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